Are you a healthcare leader looking to bring transparency and equity to clinician pay?

You’ve heard the complaints. We’ll help you retain clinicians.

Give clinicians a way to understand their compensation. Give yourself the levers to guide outcomes.

With Statera, clinicians focus on providing quality patient care, not the financial implications.

Key Benefits

Prevent Burnout

Nearly half of the physicians in the United States report feeling burnt out, with financial stress listed as a primary driver. Our software provides transparency and predictability to physician financials, removing the burden of a volatile comp model and freeing them to focus on patient care.

Ensure Equity

Female clinicians earn 25-33% less than their male counterparts, on average. We provide easy tools to monitor and communicate compensation equity, and enable the use of consistent compensation models across a division, department, or organization.

Reduce Admin Costs

Automate reporting for both clinicians and organizational leadership. Available any time, in the hospital or on the go, Statera provides timely, easy-to-read visualizations of clinicians’ performance, salary, and earned compensation. Eliminate error-prone manual calculations and the administrative burden that goes with them.

Get professional services to fine-tune your approach to compensation

Our targeted approach starts by establishing your organization’s culture, values, and strategic priorities, and aligns corresponding metrics, goals and behaviors as components of your compensation plan. From there, we can build models that incentivize those behaviors while constantly monitoring and assessing the plan’s cost effectiveness.

Many compensation plans are reliant on complex manual calculations and are burdensome for an internal team to audit comprehensively. We provide auditing of plan components as well as underlying calculations and data sources to assure that your existing plan is being adjudicated correctly and fairly.

Position your organization to recruit and retain a diverse clinical staff with an equitable compensation policy. Statera will audit your compensation plan for gender and racial disparities, identify root causes, and propose action plans for resolution.

Statera will examine your current compensation structure at the individual, specialty or group level and benchmark against national and regional data to assure your compensation package is both competitive and cost effective for your market.

Communication is critical across all levels of an organization when changing a compensation plan. Whether during a dedicated strategic planning retreat or as part of an iterative process, Statera provides the structure, guidance and expertise to lead your team through the design and implementation process.

In today’s healthcare environment, clinician incentives must be aligned with organizational goals and priorities to assure the long-term viability of both.  Through a series of interviews with organizational leadership combined with a detailed review of your existing compensation model, Statera will identify opportunities for better alignment and assure that the data used in the plan is accurate and appropriate.

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Statera was founded in 2019 with the goal to bring transparency and predictability to the way physicians are paid. Based in Boston, we are a team of healthcare professionals that have collectively managed over one billion dollars in physician compensation. Our approach is a new way to monitor and communicate comp models, relieving stress for physians and reducing costs for their organizations.


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